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Copywriting and Translation

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Translation - like never before.

Translation - like never before.

  • Speed. Consistency. Commitment.
  • Making your message transcend oceans and cultures
Quick communication - guaranteed.

Quick communication - guaranteed.

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  • Thought leaders guiding you through every step
Creative. Corporate. Simple.

Creative. Corporate. Simple.

  • Adapting to different tones of voices
  • Copywriters follow your vision and inspiration


Taglime is a dedicated Saudi Copywriting & Translation Agency
based in Riyadh.

We help you with writing website content, company profile content, social media content (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), presentation, pitch decks, and video scripts. We work with government organizations, agencies, companies, SMEs, and startups.


Our strength is in understanding the DNA of your brand to produce words that prompt your customers to take action, hence contributing to the growth of your company.

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Creative Saudi Copywriting


Plus everything you need when it comes to transcreation, proofreading, editing, rewriting and Saudi localization.

Company Profiles
Company Profiles

Create an immaculate first impression on clients by letting your company profile speak for you.

Video Scripts
Video Scripts

Strike the right chord with a powerful and appealing copy by our professional copywriters.

Website Content
Website Content

Everybody visiting your website will know precisely why they are in the right place.


Get tailored presentations from our expert designers and master storytellers.

Social Copy
Social Copy

Let your Instagram and Twitter content be designed and managed effectively to double its impact.

Blog Content
Blog Content

Get matched with the right writer who’s as passionate about your topic as you are.


Arabic + English | Copywriting & Translation

saudi arabic translation by taglime
White Saudi + Hijazi + Najdi Dialects

As Saudi copywriting agency in Riyadh, we are expert White Saudi Arabic dialect along with Hijzai and Najdi dialects.

Hijazi Arabic by Taglime
Standard Arabic

Let Taglime globalize your brand with our standard Arabic translation, interpretation and adaptation services

english copywriting in saudi

Our team guarantees that all your English projects achieve the same efficiency and consistency requirements.

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How much do you charge?

We work on a project basis. It helps you to know how much you will pay in total.

What payment methods do you use?

We offer bank transfers in Saudi Arabia and UAE at the moment.

What is your availability?

8AM till 5PM Saudi time. For a quicker response, reach out on WhatsApp. 

How can I contact you?

The best way to reach us is at

Do you use Google Translate?

No. We do manual creative adaptation – not word-to-word translations. If Arabic translation is read alone, it makes complete sense and has a  smooth flow. The process is called ‘transcreation’.

Sectors and Industries

Content Creation for
B2B and B2C

What kind of words do you need right now?

  • Real-Estate Words
  • Health Words
  • Technology Words
  • Fashion Words
  • Lifestyle Words
  • Fitness Words
  • Event Words
  • Food Words
  • Restaurant Words
  • Tourism Words
  • Travel Words
  • Business Words
  • Consulting Words
  • Financial Words

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